Welcome to Eastbrook!

Eastbrook Baptist Church is a community of believers centered around the study of the Word of God. Our worship services are a time where we rest in the Lord and find encouragement to live as Christ guides us in the places where God has called us to minister. 


What you'll find at Eastbrook


We are a close-knit group of believers who fellowship around God's Word and foster a spirit of availability and encouragement.  At Eastbrook we care more about you and your relationship with God than about drawing crowds and expanding our building program.


Do you have questions about God's Word, the Christian faith, God's will for your life? At Eastbrook, we believe that the answers are in God's Word.We spend the majority of our time looking into these questions and many more and would love to help you find the answers you are seeking.


We love our Lord and want to show it during each fellowship, church event, and worship service. We believe that we serve a God who is sovereign, holy, loving, and full of grace and mercy. Because of that grace, we can offer praise that seeks to show the greatness of God. Because of His mercy, we have the opportunity to grow in our understanding of Him. Because of His love, we love Him, and seek Him in our worship.

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